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Spotlight on Finland at Shanghai Expo

Finnish culture and know-how are in the spotlight on Thursday at the World Expo in Shanghai, China.

Kirnu oppaat
Image: Lucas Schifres

Finnish President Tarja Halonen and China's Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang, are among those on hand to celebrate Finland at the largest-ever World's Fair.

An array of more than 100 musical and dance acts are performing at the Finnish Pavilion during the day. These range from metal band Stratovarius to folk-jazz duo Lepistö & Lehti, dance-jazz outfit Five Corners Quintet, the Finnish National Ballet and Walo & Hakkarainen’s New Circus.

Of course Santa Claus and Moomintroll will also make appearances.

Since opening in early May, the Pavilion has had some 20,000 visitors daily. Known as Kirnu ('Churn' or 'Giant's Kettle'), it was designed by the Helsinki architects' office JKMM.

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