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Spring on the way? Pollen to spread to Finland from abroad

The University of Turku says alder and hazel pollen may waft into Finland from central Europe.

Lepän norkkoja Joensuussa maaliskuussa vuonna 2017.
Alder catkins on a wintry day. Image: Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP

Hay fever sufferers in Finland may experience symptoms in the next week or so, according to news from the University of Turku.

The university's working group on aerobiology published a release on Friday with this year's first pollen forecast.

Finland's pollen count is currently at zero, but with alder and hazel trees currently blooming in central Europe, the coming weekend may see a slight rise in airborne allergens, the university's online pollen portal indicates.

Both alder and hazel trees are expected to start flowering in late March in the south of Finland.

Some 10-20 percent of people in Finland suffer from pollen allergies. Symptoms are usually intermittent and subside at the end of the pollen season in late autumn.

The main plant species that cause allergic reactions in Finland are alders, birches, hay, mugwort and ragweed.

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