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Spring snow flurries hit Finland

Winter showed it’s not done with Finland yet as a low pressure zone brings strong winds and snow showers to some areas.

Jalankulkija lumisateessa Hämeenlinnassa.
Commuters faced snow in Hämeenlinna on Friday morning. Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

Chilly and wet conditions enveloped Finland on Friday.

A plunge of cold air is moving north-east, bringing snow and sleet showers to central parts as well as Kainuu in the east.

On Friday, dry conditions will mostly prevail in the south and south-west as well as in Lapland, though the wind chill factor is adding to the bite of the cold weather.

Saturday will bring rain showers to the south while central areas can expect sleet.

Skies are expected to clear up nationwide on Sunday, which is when the sun will stage a comeback.

On Saturday daytime highs will range from 7 degrees Celsius in the south to 3 up north, with temperatures rising slightly on Sunday.

Driving conditions are poor in most of Finland on Friday.

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