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Spring weather brings high number of fender benders

Several pile-ups took place on Friday afternoon owing to the spring weather combination of sunshine, higher temperatures, and unexpected icy patches. No serious injuries were reported.

Auton pakokaasua pakkasilmassa
Image: Kaisa Siren / AOP

As motorists were returning home during the Friday afternoon rush hour, several fender benders took place on roads throughout Finland.

In the northern city of Oulu, a seven-car pileup took place on Pohjantie road, while closer to the capital six cars crashed on Lahdenväyla road. Smaller crashes took place in Liminka, Nakkila, Ikaalinen, and Siuntio.

According to Finnish Transport Agency Traffic Duty Officer Marko Kolattu, the high number of crashes was due to challenging spring driving conditions.

“When the sun has just started to set, even though the temperature is still above zero, the road surface can quickly get icy,” says Kolattu. ”Icy roads may come as a surprise to many motorists,” he says.

According to Kolattu, Oulu's chain collision was the result of this type of situation. The crash blocked one side of the motorway for half an hour, but the affected stretch of road was re-opened later in the early evening.

”It’s important to remember to keep a distance between automobiles and keep an eye on the road's surface -- if it begins to sparkle or shine, it can very quickly become very slippery. Although the sun is shining and the temperature is above zero, as soon as there’s a shady spot there can be a hidden patch of ice,” he says.

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