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Staff cuts hit fashion icon Marimekko

The iconic fashion manufacturer Marimekko has launched employee separation talks that will mothball two production facilities and displace about 60 workers.

Työskentelyä Marimekon Kiteen tehtaalla.
Marimekko plans to mothball two plants in Kite and Sulkava. About 60 workers will be displaced. Image: YLE / Laura Kaipainen

Marimekko announced Wednesday that it has initiated co-determination talks aimed at permanently reducing its workforce at production facilities in Sulkava and Kite, and even shuttering the plants altogether.

The company said that the closure of the factories and related retail outlets could put 60 workers on the bread line.

“The goal of these planned procedures is to secure the future competitiveness of our business operations,” chief executive Mika Ihamuotila said in a company release.

Manufacturing being moved to capital

The planned plant closures will not bring production in Finland to an end, but will concentrate output in the company’s Herttoniemi plant in Helsinki.

Company and worker representatives are examining whether the payroll cuts could be softened, for example by way of early retirement. Internal transfers within the organisation may also be on the counter.

Marimekko employs 535, just over 400 of whom work in Finland. Sixty of them work at the Kite and Sulkava production facilities.

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