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Staff shortage forces Kuopio care home to close, 26 residents to be moved

According to Attendo's regional director the closure reflects the nationwide shortage of staff in the healthcare sector.

Attendo Muurutvirta hoivakoti
Muurutvirta nursing home. Image: Sami Takkinen / Yle

Private home care provider, Attendo, has closed a unit in the Kuopio region due to a shortage of caregivers.

According to the company, Muurutvirta nursing home in Juankoski will have to close its doors as it can't find enough qualified staff.

Muurutvirta's operations were being closely monitored by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland and the municipality of Kuopio since April.

Following an inspection by AVI, Attendo's representatives said that the unit's operations would have to be reduced as they had only two-thirds of the staff they needed.

Attendo's Regional Director for Eastern and Central Finland, Tuija Haatainen, said the Muurutvirta nursing home employed a total of eighteen carers. The company tried to address the shortages by rotating permanent carers and temporary staff, but the efforts were not enough to keep the home running smoothly.

"We would have needed five to seven more nurses on a permanent basis to keep the unit running," Haatalainen said.

All 26 nursing home clients will be transferred to homes run by the local council.

"The situation is unfortunate for residents, staff and the municipality alike," Haatainen said.

The city of Kuopio has already begun transferring the Muurutvirta residents to other units. According to the city, all replacements will be arranged by Friday noon.

"The care of the customers will be assigned to 24-hour care vacancies and the city's own services," said Kauko Pursiainen, the City of Kuopio's supervisory inspector.

Attendo had come under fire during the Covid pandemic after outbreaks killed residents in its homes, including one in North Savo.

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