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Stora Enso Accuses Kemijärvi Workers of Smear Campaign

The management of the forestry products company Stora Enso is threatening not to proceed with the planned investment into its Kemijärvi plant, if workers continue a smear campaign against the Anaika Group. Last week, Stora Enso announced plans to sell part of the Kemijärvi mill facility to the Anaika Group for machine engineering and laminated wooden beam production. Approximately 100 jobs would be created. Stora Enso management, which has sent a letter to plant workers concerning the matter, says it's regrettable that a baseless and defamatory note against the Mikkeli-based company has been circulating at the Kemijärvi pulp mill. Among other things, the three-page letter is said to express doubts about Anaika's investment capabilities. Stora Enso says if the smear campaign does not end, it will pose a serious threat to new industrial activity in the factory area. According to Stora Enso manager Aulis Ansaharju, Anaika's management is to visit Kemijärvi this week. Anaika Group management says it is surprised by the reaction in Kemijärvi. YLE

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