Storm tosses ferry traffic and cancels routes

A storm with dangerous winds wreaked havoc on the sea late Friday. Linda Line routes between Helsinki and Tallinn were cancelled, and a ferry servicing Tallinn-Stockholm was forced to turn back after heavy waves caused damages. Similar five-metre waves are predicted for Saturday night as well at sea.

Tallink Silja Linen laiva Victoria.
The M/S Victoria 1 cruise ferry decided to return to Tallinn after the ship sustained damage. Image: Tallink Silja

Relieved passengers emptied the Tallink Silja ferry at the Helsinki Olympic terminal early Saturday morning after a very bumpy overnight journey from Stockholm.

“It was really stormy at one point, but we managed okay,” said Iiris Mäkelä. She says she didn’t consider cancelling her travel plans beforehand, but she did follow the weather reports on Friday carefully.

Several announcements were made on board once the ship was underway.

“They said not to go on deck because of the heavy winds,” said Lukas Laakso.

Salla Savola and Lotta Kiuru were travelling as part of a larger group. They said some of their friends became seasick from the ship’s movements.

“We were warned that the ship would rock - and it sure did,” said Savola.

Back to Estonia

Tallink Silja’s M/S Victoria 1 cruise ferry was sailing from Tallinn to Stockholm Friday night, but was forced to turn back to Estonia at around 11 pm after heavy waves broke a ship antennas and two windows on the sixth deck. The ship even took on some water after the incident.

According to the Tallink Group, the passengers and the crew of the M/S Victoria were never in danger, but the captain of the vessel decided to turn back because it was difficult to forecast how the weather would develop. The ship returned safely to the Tallinn port and no one was injured.

The Victoria ferry incident was first reported by the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

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