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Strange spaghetti-like formations discovered in Finnish lake

An unusual natural phenomenon of what appeared to be strands of slush in the shape of spaghetti was sighted in Lake Suolijärvi, in the South Häme region. The discovery, which disappeared overnight, has raised a lot of speculation in the social media and among experts.

Hyytynyttä lunta Tuuloksen Suolijärvessä
Image: Vesa Kaloinen

In the Hämeenlinna district of Finland, Suolijärvi Lake has been garnering a lot of media attention because of an unusual photograph taken by local resident Vesa Kaloinen, who has lived on the shores of the lake for 55 years.

Last Wednesday, January 8, Kaloinen was warming up his waterfront sauna in the early afternoon between 1 and 2 pm when he noticed something unusual in the water.

He took out his rowboat and went to take a closer look.

"In the lake there were white strands that were tens of metres long. They looked like snow. I reached in and grabbed some of them and made snowballs, which I then threw," said Kaloinen.

Using the camera on his mobile phone, he took four photos.

Kaloinen estimates that the lake water was about zero degrees Celsius, or perhaps slightly below. Perhaps, he speculates, snow that had fallen into the water combined with the motion of wind and water and took on a strange shape before it melted away.

The next morning the formations were gone.

"It's slush"

Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen was also amazed by the images.

"I've never seen anything like it before. I can't explain it, but it must be something relating to the water and air temperature. And those two created just the right conditions for the phenomenon to take place," says Huutonen.

Hydrologist Johanna Korhonen from the Finnish Environment Institute is equally puzzled.

"It's some kind of slush, but I can't explain it more specifically than that," says Korhonen.

Newspaper Keski-Häme's Facebook pages first reported the sighting.

In Finnish, "suoli" means intestine, so the name of the lake in translation would be "Intestine Lake."

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