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Strawberry growers: This summer ideal for a sweet crop, but rain needed soon

The eagerly-awaited strawberry harvest peaks over the next couple of weeks, with a bumper crop in store this year.

Mansikat kypsyvät.
The first domestic hothouse strawberries went on sale in early June. Image: Mikko Koski / Yle

The main strawberry harvest season is just beginning, says the farming organisation ProAgria. So far this summer's weather has offered ideal growing conditions, so producers expect a large, high-quality crop of the berries, which are considered an emblem of the Finnish summer.

ProAgria says that strawberries are very sweet this summer thanks to the sunny weather and temperature variations. However significant rainfall is needed in southern Finland to ensure a good harvest, as plants have begun to suffer from dryness.

New potatoes at their best

Farmers in the south and along the southwestern coast are now gathering strawberries grown under nets or fabric, while open-air berries will soon be ready for picking.

Strawberry harvesting is also getting underway this week in other parts of southern and central Finland. The main harvest is expected to begin in earnest during the first week of July.

Harvesting conditions for new potatoes and other early vegetables are also reaching their best. In general, crops in southern Finland are more than a week ahead of the average schedule, with those in the east and north on a normal timetable.

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