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Students in Finland trip the light fantastic at annual Seniors' Ball

The Vienna Waltz was waltzed and the Cicapo was stepped, but while the music respected tradition, fashion at Seniors' Ball events across the country was a reflection of contemporary styles and tastes.

Tiirismaan lukio.
Image: Emilia Malin / Yle

Upper secondary schools throughout Finland celebrated this week with the Seniors' Ball, an event where second-year students don ball gowns and black ties to represent their ascension to the status of the school's new seniors, as the graduating class prepare for their matriculation examinations.

The event is a highlight of the year for many, as students dress up in their finest gowns and suits. The fashion of ball gowns this year whirled around soft pastel colours and strapless as well as two-piece ensembles.

The dazzling creations were pulled together with essential elements such as glamorous hair styles, makeup and footwear, not forgetting finishing touches including nail varnish, ribbons and rosettes.

For many the Seniors' Ball is the culmination of months of practice and anticipation in the quest to find the perfect dance partner and dress, while also learning all of the steps to the many dance routines.

Below is a compilation depicting the glitz and glamour of Seniors' Balls from Lahti, Tampere, Kouvola, Jyväskylä, Pori and Kemi.

Eeva Karkkonen ja Jasperi Luoma Yhteislyseon vanhojen tansseissa Kouvolassa. Kappaleena soi Time of My Life elokuvasta Dirty Dancing.
Eeva Karkkonen and Jasperi Luoma of Kouvola's Comprehensive Lyceum cut a rug to the 80s hit Time of My Life from the film Dirty Dancing. Image: Ville Pisto / Yle

Vanhat tanssivat Kajaanissa
75 pairs and one trio took to the dance floor at the Kajaani upper secondary school. Image: Elisa Kinnunen / Yle

Tiirismaan lukio.
Katja Kuismanen and Kasperi Pesonen from the Tiirismaa upper secondary school in Lahti wore coordinating outfits. Image: Emilia Malin / Yle

vanhojen tanssit Porin suomalaisessa yhteislyseossa
Boys wear either black tie, white tie or a suit, but some opt for a traditional tuxedo, like these young men from Pori's Finnish Comprehensive Lyceum. Image: Katja Halinen / Yle

Vanhojentanssit Tampereen Koskikeskuksessa
Students from the Tampere Comprehensive School thrilled onlookers as they took their Seniors' Ball to a local shopping centre. Image: Jussi Mansikka / Yle

Kemin lukiolaisia tanssimassa Karihaaran koululla.
These seniors from Kemi focus on their dance moves during their grand ball at the Karihaari School. Image: Kim Peltoniemi / Yle

vanahat tanssivat Kajaanissa
Eyes make four during this magical moment in Kajaani. Image: Elisa Kinnunen / Yle

Tanssijoita wanhojen päivänä Kemissä Karihaaran koulullla.
Glamour meets elegance at this Kemi seniors' ball. Image: Kim Peltoniemi / Yle

Vanhat tanssivat Jyväskylän Lyseon lukiossa.
Brilliant beading, pastelles and swirling skirts catch the eye at the Jyväskylä Lyceum. Image: Petri Aaltonen / Yle

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