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Summer heat to return to southern Finland this weekend

An Yle forecaster says temperatures could reach 28 degrees Celsius in some areas on Sunday.

Viikonloppu on poutainen ja lämmin.
Daytime high temperature forecast in Finland for Friday (PE), Saturday (LA) and Sunday (SU). Image: Yle

Weather across much of Finland on Wednesday and Thursday will remain cool and overcast, but Yle forecasters predicted that it will warm up on the weekend, particularly in the southern part of the country.

Yle meteorologist Nina Karusto said skies will begin to clear and the mercury will begin to rise on Friday.

However, not all of the country will see warm summer weather return, as rain is expected across a zone stretching from central areas into southern Lapland, perhaps with even more precipitation than in recent days, she said.

But, it will be much warmer in southern and western areas than the rest of the country over the weekend, with temperatures likely to peak on Sunday, when thermometers might read as high as 27-28 degrees Celsius.

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Uimareita Vetokannaksen uimarannalla Vantaalla.
Vantaa's Vetokannas beach. Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

It's not a done deal, however, those high temperatures are not guaranteed as there is a risk that clouds might block some of the sun's warming rays. Karusto added that rain appears to be in store for northern Lapland on Saturday.

The expected warm weather could also extend into Monday, but conditions will likely be slightly cooler. On Tuesday rain is in the forecast as a high pressure system arrives from the west, Karusto said.

Karusto speculated that warmer temperatures could possibly return next week, as well.

"During the last week of August, there may be an even warmer period than usual," she said.

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