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“Summer” in store for Saturday

Temperatures in southern Finland will warm up to +14 degrees Celsius on Saturday, with sunshine in store for the whole country. Rain is expected for Sunday before temperatures drop next week.

Aurinko paistaa
Sunny, warm weather is in store for Saturday. Image: Mika Kanerva

According to meteorologist Juha Tuomala from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, there will be little wind in the south and central regions of Finland on Saturday, so it will feel much warmer than +12-14 degrees Celsius.

"It’s a good idea to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts,” says Tuomala.

Tampere and the Vaasa region will also enjoy +10 degree Celsius temperatures, but further north the temperatures will be cooler. In the Oulu region temperatures will be between +6-7 degrees Celsius and in central and northern Lapland between +2-5 degrees Celsius.

A low pressure zone coming from the west will bring rain on Sunday.

“There will be rain in many parts of Finland, with sleet and snow in the northernmost regions. Temperatures in the whole country will drop to below +10 degrees Celsius,” says Tuomala.

The cooler weather will continue next week, but there's no fear of winter returning.

“In the south, people can change their winter tyres to summer ones without any worries," says Tuomala.

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