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Supo: Terrorism contacts growing in Finland

The number of people with terrorist links in Finland has grown into the hundreds, according to Finland’s security police Supo. In its freshly-released annual report Supo said that in spite of this development Finland still enjoys a low terrorism risk.

Voimakkaan räjähdyksen aiheuttamia tuhoja.
A blast in the Syrian capital Damascus last month, allegedly caused by terrorists. Supo said operatives are heading to countries like Syria to take part in terrorist activities. Image: EPA / SANA

The Supo report noted that Finland currently hosts a few hundred individuals who are part of terrorist or radical networks.

The security police said that in general, these individuals support the operations of extreme groups abroad. Some of them travel to conflict areas to lend their support to local activities.

These operatives have left Finland to participate in terrorist or extremist activities in countries such as Somalia and Syria. Supo said it is concerned about the people who return to Finland from these areas.

On the other hand, home-grown radicalism appears to have dwindled, Supo reported. However the organisation said it is concerned about the increasingly confrontational relationship between extreme right and anti-fascist groups.

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