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Supreme Court denies neo-Nazi attacker right to appeal

Neo-Nazi Jesse Torniainen jump-kicked a man in 2016 who later died. Finland's Supreme Court upheld the assailant's 27-month sentence for aggravated assault.

Jesse Torniainen.
Neo-Nazi Jesse Torniainen will serve 27 months in prison for aggravated assault. Image: Yle

The Supreme Court has ruled that neo-Nazi sympathiser Jesse Torniainen may not appeal the sentence he received for aggravated assault after being found guilty of attacking a man at a far-right rally at Helsinki's Central Railway Station in 2016.

In January Helsinki Appeals Court found Torniainen's motivations for the assault to be racist, and added three more months to his two-year sentence.

Torniainen, a founding member of the now-banned neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (or PVL), was convicted of aggravated assault in late 2016. The assault victim, 28-year-old Jimi Karttunen, appeared to exchange words with the right-wing demonstrators and spat on the ground. Shortly afterwards, Torniainen rushed at the man and jump-kicked him in the chest.

The kick caused Karttunen to fall to the ground and hit his head. Following the incident, the victim was hospitalised for nearly a week, and the day after he was released he died from a brain aneurism.

Torniainen avoided an in 2016 due to insufficient evidence connecting the jump kick directly to Karttunen's death.

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