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Survey: 14 percent of Finns fund holidays with debt

Most Finns, however, don't borrow any money to pay for their holidays.

Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

Almost one in five people in Sweden, Norway and Finland have taken or are planning to take a loan to pay for their summer holidays, according to a new survey produced for the IT firm Tieto.

Some 14 percent of Finns are funding their vacation through borrowing. Finns borrow money in particular for the purchase of cars or motorcycles and for travel costs as well as renovating homes and summer cottages.

The great majority of Finns, however, are not considering any kind of borrowing for summer spending. The situation is different in Sweden, where some 22 percent of respondents take loans for their summertime fun, while 21 percent of Norwegians do likewise.

The poll was carried out by YouGov, who interviewed some 3,075 people aged over 18 in June. The survey has been performed in Sweden for the last four years, while this year was the first time Finland was also part of it. The margin of error is +-1.4 percentage points.

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