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Survey: More than half of reservists pro-Nato

Support for Finland joining Nato is far higher among members of the Finnish Reservists’ Association than in the rest of the country.

Naton lippu.
Unreserved: Finnish reservists are not as against Nato as the rest of the country, a survey shows. Image: S. Sabawoon / EPA

A majority of army reservists in Finland would support Finland joining the military union Nato, according to a survey conducted by Reserviläinen, the magazine of the Finnish Reservists’ Association (FRA). Of those surveyed, 53 percent said they would be in favour of Finland joining Nato, while 30 percent were against the idea. 17 percent of respondents declined to answer either way.

Members of the FRA and the Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation (FROF) were surveyed, with 8,432 people responding in total. Members of the associations were asked for their stand on Nato for the first time in a joint survey.

There was an eight-percent difference between the respondents from FRA (49 percent pro-Nato) and the FROF (57 percent pro-Nato). Members were asked the unequivocal question: “Do you think Finland should seek to become a member of Nato?”

A majority of Finns oppose joining Nato. A survey published by top daily Helsingin Sanomat in early March showed that 27 percent were pro and 57 percent against Nato membership.

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