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Survey: One in three will consider selling off unwanted Christmas gifts

Women and young people are more likely than men and seniors to find new owners for less-than-desired Christmas presents.

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Up to one in three people in Finland say that they are considering offloading Christmas gifts that they received just days ago, according to a new survey of some 1,300 respondents by the online auction marketplace,

According to the survey the most common reason for passing on unwanted gifts is the fact that the receiver already owned a similar item. The poll also found that women and young adults were more enthusiastic about finding new owners for their gifts. However men and older gift recipients were more hesitant to part with seasonal presents.

More than half of male respondents said they wouldn’t even think of selling unwanted gifts because they thought it would be inappropriate. However more than half of female respondents said they would be ready to put their gifts up for sale.

Another online auction site, also noted that based on its records, January is high season for selling off gifts.

"It definitely looks like January is when [people] sell unpopular presents," said product development manager Juho Laatikainen.

One in four will opt for exchanges

The survey indicated that just 23 percent of respondents said they would go to the trouble of returning gifts that may have missed the mark to exchange them for more suitable products.

At the Stockmann subsidiary Sokos in Lahti, the store was bustling with customers looking to do just that. According to sales staff, clothing was most likely to be swapped, mainly because the size was not right.

"The shirt I got from Santa was a little snug. I had the receipt, so it made an exchange easier. I found a new shirt in the right size and I got a pair of socks on top of it," said Lahti resident Henri Uotila.

Sales manager Pia Vahe said she understood why some consumers would want to offload certain Christmas gifts.

"If you maybe you got a gift that was a book that you already have, then of course you’d happily trade it for something else," she explained.

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