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Survey: Print still popular among media consumers

A survey has found that consumers are committed to printed magazines and newspapers, even though content is rapidly moving to digital forms. The Finnish National Readership Survey research found that Finns are much more likely to subscribe to newspapers than subscription television.

Warkauden lehti, Iisalmen Sanomat ja savolaisia paikallislehtiä pöydällä
Image: Helmi Nykänen / Yle

Researchers found that three out of four Finns subscribe, buy or are considering subscribing to some form of print newspapers. Some 70 percent showed similar interest in magazines.

Finns are also susceptible to advertising in print media, according to the survey, with four out of five respondents looking positively on print ads. Online advertising was not nearly as popular, however, with just a third looking favourably on web advertising and only one tenth favourable towards advertising received by email.

Readership of print editions has held up despite the growth of digital media in Finland, with people reading electronic media alongside, rather than instead of, their traditional newspapers.

Some 96 percent of respondents read a newspaper at least once a week in spring 2011, with 92 percent taking at least a weekly glance at the press in spring 2013. Tablet usage grew from 1 percent to 11 percent reading the news in that format over the same period.

The Finnish National Readership Survey was conducted by TNS Gallup on behalf of the Finnish Audit Bureau of Circulations.

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