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Suspect behind theft of 150K from safe apprehended in Tallinn

A man suspected of stealing 150,000 euros in cash from his employer's safe was detained in Estonia Saturday evening.

Sadan euron seteleitä
Image: Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

Finnish police report that they have detained a man who is suspected to have stolen 150,000 euros from a safe owned by the betting agency Veikkaus on 21 December.

The suspect, born in 1999, was apprehended in Tallinn, Estonia on Saturday evening, after a surveillance camera captured footage of the man emptying the safe into his rucksack and a plastic bag and leaving the premises. The breach was discovered by another employee of the company on 22 December.

The police had not revealed the name of the suspect's employer in its bulletin, but the state-owned betting monopoly Veikkaus confirmed to the news agency STT on 28 December that it was indeed the safe owner and suspect's employer.

The Finnish authorities had learned that the suspect had travelled to Tallinn on the day of the theft, and had launched a manhunt to track him down.

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