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Suspected norovirus outbreak at Malmi Hospital

About 140 hospital staff members have taken ill this week at Helsinki's Malmi Hospital in a suspected norovirus outbreak.

Malmin sairaala.
Image: Yle

Three of the 140 Malmi Hospital staff members who took ill this week have tested positive for the norovirus. The remaining 137 people are reportedly suffering from nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, all of which are typical symptoms of the norovirus.

Though the origins of the outbreak are not yet known, the City of Helsinki Environment Centre is currently investigating the matter, and looking at the Malmi Hospital's staff restaurant and cafe.

All of those who are sick have not recently visited the staff restaurant or cafe; however, the norovirus is extremely contagious.

So far there are no signs linking the outbreak to the restaurant or the café.

Patient care has not been comprised as workers have been brought in from elsewhere, according to the Malmi Hospital.

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