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Suspected of 46 offenses in Finland, Janitskin claims he is now in Russia

The founder of the fake news website MV Lehti, Ilja Janitskin, has announced on Facebook that he has travelled to Russia from Spain. In late September a Finnish court issued an EU-wide arrest warrant for the anti-immigrant agitator for a rash of serious crimes, including aggravated slander and copyright infringement.

Kuvakaappaus Ilja Janitskinin Facebook-sivusta
A screen shot of Janitskin’s page on Facebook. Image: Facebook, Yle Uutisgrafiikka

Ilja Janitskin has posted on his Facebook page that he has travelled from Spain, his current country of residence, to Russia.

The text under his post that places him in St Petersberg roughly reads, “Wheels hit the ground. Shove [deleted] off, all you Finnish do-gooders. When you are faced with the worst...well. No one...leaves their joker unplayed...”

Janitksin is the founder of the anti-immigrant website MV Lehti. He was remanded in custody in absentia on September 27 in Finland on suspicion of inciting hatred against an ethnic group and aggravated slander, among many other crimes.

After this, the Finnish courts issued an arrest warrant in absentia for him that was valid throughout the EU.

As a result of the warrant, he was detained by the Spanish police on October 27. For reasons unknown to the Finnish police, the Spanish authorities then released Janitskin three days later, an event that was confirmed by Janitskin himself on Facebook.

Janitskin spoke of his current decision to travel to Russia as a “natural alternative”.

Some of the other charges that Janitskin is facing in Finland include money laundering and gambling offenses, illegal threats, breach of confidentiality and intellectual property theft.

Edited 17.12 to say the Spanish authorities 'released' Janitskin on October 30, they did not  acquit him as was earlier stated.

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