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Suspected street fighters detained at Helsinki Airport

A group of people arriving on a plane from Stockholm was detained on Saturday, after an international source revealed that they were travelling to Finland to join scheduled street fights.

Helsinki-Vantaan lentokenttä.
Image: Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva

Finnish Police are not commenting further on the detention of a group of suspected brawlers that took place at the Helsinki Airport on Saturday.

Apparently, the authorities were tipped off by an international data exchange that a group of people suspected of participating in street fights planned for the Helsinki region would be entering the country on an afternoon flight from Stockholm.

The suspects in question were detained without incident, at no danger to the others present, the Finnish police say, as soon as the suspects' plane landed at the airport.

The Finnish police say the group was detained in the name of preserving public order and security. It has not released any more information on the incident.

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