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Suspects jailed for vandalism of Stubb's home

Two men have confessed to vandalizing the home of Finance Minister Alexander Stubb in the early hours of Tuesday morning. They have been remanded into custody by an Espoo court.

Teipattuja rikottuja ikkunoita Espoolaisessa päiväkodissa .
Windows were broken in this daycare centre near the home of Alexander Stubb the same night his house was vandalized. Image: Mikko Stig / Lehtikuva

The two 20 and 21 year-old men, one a resident of Helsinki, one of Kirkkonummi, are to be charged with a number of offenses including malicious damage, theft and trespassing.

The men are also suspects in two previous similar incidents.

Tuesday morning's vandalism targeted the home of Finance Minister Alexander Stubb, as well as a nearby daycare centre and a nearby school. The two men fired an air rifle at Stubb's home, broke windows in the buildings, and stole computer parts from the school.

Police are focusing their investigation on determining a motive and seeking to determine if there was intent to harm the occupants of Stubb's home. According to the lead investigator, the two suspects have not indicated any political motive for their actions. The two had, though been drinking.

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