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Suspended prison term for ex-tango star convicted of drug crimes

Popular performer Jari Sillanpää was slapped with a ten-month suspended prison sentence following a conviction for possession and distribution of illegal drugs.

Jari Sillanpää
Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

The Helsinki District Court delivered a guilty verdict in the case of Jari Sillanpää, highly popular Finnish pop singer accused of possessing and distributing drugs.

The court ruled that Sillanpää had acquired a total of 108 grams of methamphetamine in lots of one to eight grams. The defendant pled guilty to all of the charges.

The court also found that Sillanpää had purchased 10 grams of the same drug in Thailand and has also brought half a gram of methamphetamine into Finland from Thailand in his suitcase.

Sillanpää agreed with the court’s finding that he had used the drugs and had also handed some over to a friend for free.

No contest from defence

The prosecutor asked the court for a maximum suspended sentence of 18 months for the two charges he faced. The defence did not contest the prosecution’s request.

The main accused in the case was sentenced to four months in prison for nearly 20 drug-related offences. The main defendant had sold drugs to Sillanpää and the other accused.

Meanwhile the prosecutor told Yle that he would not comment on the sentence but would read the judgment before offering remarks on Monday.

Sillanpää’s lawyer Riitta Leppiniemi said that the verdict would not create much emotional distress for her client.

Last autumn police detained the Finnish star in downtown Helsinki for driving under the influence methamphetamine and also found some of the substance in the vehicle.

In January he was convicted and ordered to pay a 50-day fine amounting to 24,000 euros for driving under the influence and for drug offences.

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