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Swedes Genetically Closer to Germans than Finns

A joint Finnish and Swedish research project has revealed that Swedes have a closer genetic relationship with Germans than they do with Finns.

Tutkija selaa tulostetta ihmisen geenikartasta.
Image: Adrian Bradshaw / EPA

The research also showed a wide genetic disparity between Swedes from southern and northern parts of the country, with those in the south found to be genetically closer to Central Europeans.

Over 1500 Swedes took part in the research project, which was a joint venture between the University of Helsinki and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Those Finns found to have the closest genetic link to their Swedish neighbours were those living in western Finland, especially the Swedish speakers in Northern Ostrobothnia. The researchers said that the findings were significant both in terms of settlement history and also in relation to research on diseases.

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