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Taloussanomat: Flybe Finland to jettison up to 90 jobs

Air carrier Flybe Finland will begin co-determination talks next week in response to a need for increased profitability during hard times, says financial daily Taloussanomat. The talks will affect the entire staff of Flybe Finland, with the firm potentially looking to cut over a tenth of its Finnish workforce.

Flybe:n ATR-720 OH-ATI Savonlinnassa.
Apparently Flybe's profits have not been sky high in recent months. Image: Paavo Koponen / Yle

The discussions will start next Monday, according to Taloussanomat. Flybe has announced that it expects staff reductions of up to 90 employees.

Taloussanomat cites the company as attributing the cuts to reduced passenger numbers and increased competition and saying that the cost-cutting is aimed at improving profitability amid the recession.

FlybeFinland currently employs around 700 people in Finland.

Yle could not reach a Flybe Finland representative to comment.

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