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Tampere stops free tram rides for pram-pushers

Tampere's transport board says people with strollers don't get a free tram ride after all.

Ihmisiä Tampereen ratikan kyydissä 10.5.2021
The Tampere tram began trial runs on 10 May. Image: Kirsi Matson-Mäkelä / Yle

In a break from an earlier city decision ruling that parents with young kids in prams could ride the Tampere tram for free, the city has announced that stroller-pushers will also need to buy tickets.

The city cited equality as the reason behind overturning its previous position. In addition to charging passengers with strollers, tickets will also be mandatory for those boarding the tram with a walker or wheelchair.

Safety concerns were at the centre of the earlier decision to give people travelling with buggies free rides, as it is problematic to leave children unattended while buying tickets at the front of the tram. However, with ticketing machines available in the middle of trams, that was no longer an issue, according to the city.

Children under the age of seven will still be entitled to free rides when accompanied by a paying passenger. Finnish war veterans and personal aides to handicapped individuals will also get to travel free of charge, though they must carry an official EU disability card.

New ticketing rules are expected to come into force in Tampere on 9 August, when autumn schedules return.

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