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Tax refunds paid early this year, starting next week

Most taxpayers in Finland will receive rebates in August or September.

For the first time, individuals' tax years end on different dates. Image: Anssi Ketonen / Yle

Rather than December as in the past, the state will this year begin reimbursing those who over-paid taxes on 4 July. Most of those owed money will see refunds pop up in their bank accounts on 6 August or 4 September.

For the first time, the tax year ends on different dates for various residents. As a result, refund dates are also staggered.

Those who have not informed the Tax Administration of their bank account numbers, or whose account numbers have changed, should update their info via the MyTax website or by using a paper form.

The first to be paid back for excess tax, starting next week, will be 157,000 entrepreneurs and freelancers. They will be reimbursed a total of 169 million euros.

€99bn in direct and indirect taxes

Meanwhile another 43,000 businesspeople and freelancers owe the treasury a total of 17 million euros in outstanding taxes that are due in July. For these people, the first payment on residual taxes is next Monday, 1 July.

For those who owe more than 170 euros in extra tax for last year, the sum is divided into two instalments, with the second due on 2 September.

According to the Taxpayers' Association of Finland, last year the state collected 99 billion euros in taxes and tax-like fees.

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