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Technical glitch strands Finnair flight in Canary Islands

Airline mechanics have been dispatched from Helsinki to repair the malfunction.

Finnairin lentokone.
Image: Sven Hoppe / EPA

Some 200 Finnish holidaymakers were stranded in the Canary Islands on Saturday, when a Finnair flight from Gran Canaria Island failed to take off because of a fuel system malfunction.

On Sunday morning the airline dispatched mechanics to repair the technical fault, according to Finnair communications chief Päivyt Tallqvist.

Tallqvist told the Finnish news agency STT that she could not say how long it would take before passengers would be able to resume their journey back to Helsinki.

The flight from the Canary Islands was originally scheduled to leave at 3.00pm and land in Helsinki just after 11.00pm.

The airline said that the malfunction did not place the passengers in any danger. According to the tabloid daily Iltalehti, which first reported on the incident, vacationers were accommodated overnight at hotels in Gran Canaria.

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