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Teen fined for false school shooting threat

 An underage female from Oulu was required to pay 300 euros for threatening a school shooting on a chat site. 

Oulun Kellon koulu 10.1.2019.
The Kello school in Oulu, northwest Finland, has over 600 pupils. Image: Paulus Markkula / Yle

A district court has ordered a teenage girl from the northwestern city of Oulu in Finland to pay a 50-day fine for falsely claiming on a chat site that she was planning a shooting at a local school. The Kello school in question is a combined primary and secondary school, with over 600 pupils. A daycare centre also operates on the premises.

Day fines are determined by a person’s income in Finland, so the girl will be required to pay 300 euros in punishment.

The teen wrote the school shooting threat on social media in January 2019, when she was 15 years old.

She also posted a second message in a chat site earlier this year about exploding a bomb in the Oulu city centre, and a third social media threat she authored was targeted at the police and the local police station.

The Oulu district court determined on Wednesday in an oral hearing that the teen was guilty of three counts of creating a false report of a danger. The girl admitted the crimes.

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