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Teenager dies, four people badly injured in Puumala crash

Police say a fatal crash in eastern Finland was caused by a car swerving into oncoming traffic for unknown reasons.

The tragedy took place between Mikkeli and Imatra. Image: Yle

A 16-year-old girl was killed in a head-on collision on Sunday afternoon in Puumala, South Savo.

Police said on Monday that it was caused by another car driving into oncoming traffic for unknown reasons. The car, which was heading toward Anttola, was driven by a woman from southern Finland, born in 1995. She was seriously injured. There was no-one else in her vehicle.

The other car was carrying four people from south-eastern Finland, including the deceased young woman. The other three were all gravely injured.

Police thank volunteer first responders

Law enforcement officials say that driving conditions were good at the time, with a dry road surface. According to preliminary results, alcohol was not a factor in the collision.

The accident took place on connecting road 62, west of Puumala centre. The crash site was on a curve after a long straight stretch.

The South Savo Rescue Squad says the crash took place on Lietvedentie at the intersection with Reimaniementie. Route 62 connects the eastern cities of Mikkeli and Imatra.

In a statement, police thanked passers-by who began rescue efforts before authorities arrived at the scene.

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