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Telia cutting landline services in Finland

Nordic telecoms firm Telia announced Tuesday it will stop offering landline services and plans to gradually convert wired subscriptions into mobile ones.

The days of landline phone service in Finland are numbered. (File photo) Image: Derrick Frilund / Yle

As making phone calls increasingly means using mobile devices and fast, wireless networks, old fashioned landlines will soon become a piece of history in Finland.

Telia still maintains about 30,000 landline telephone subscriptions, a few thousand of which are used by private individuals.

Affected customers will be contacted and offered alternatives to their hard-wired telephones, according to Telia's CTO Jar Collin.

"The number of landlines and customers who use the service has steadily decreased in recent years. Additionally, the technology behind landline telephones has become outdated," Collin said.

Hard-wired phone lines currently account for just three percent of all telephone traffic in Finland.

The number and duration of landline calls on Telia networks have declined by around 23 percent over the past decade, according to the company.

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