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Temperatures may plunge to -25 in Lapland, elsewhere mild, dry weekend

Rainy, mild conditions are set to return early next week.

Ilmakuva ruskasta Hietaniemen hautausmaalla Helsingissä 29. lokakuuta 2020.
Autumn foliage at Helsinki’s Hietaniemi cemetery on Thursday. Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

A high-pressure system is strengthening over Finland, bringing a dry weekend with cold nights up north.

Friday night will be cold in northern Finland, with the mercury dropping to -25 degrees Celsius in parts of northern Lapland. Other north areas will see readings of between -10 and -20.

On Saturday night, temperatures may fall to -10 up north, but then the weather is set for a milder turn.

“Last night a reading of -16.9 degrees was recorded in Enontekiö [northwest Lapland], which is the coldest temperature so far this autumn. Tonight will be significantly colder,” Yle meteorologist Anssi Vähämäki said on Friday.

In other parts of Finland, overnight temps will remain firmly above zero, he said. Daytime readings in southern and central regions will be 5–10 degrees, which is several degrees warmer than the long-term average.

“In Lapland it should remain slightly below freezing during the day on Saturday,” he said.

Rainy start to next week

The night-time deep freeze does not mean that winter is settling into northern Finland, though. Temperatures are expected to rise on Sunday, accompanied by strengthening winds in Lapland, with particularly gusty winds on Monday.

Next week will start on a rainy note, with no long-term cold spell in sight, said Vähämäki.

“On Sunday the winds will shift and begin blowing from the south and temperatures will rise above zero in Lapland as well. Rains will move through Finland on at least Monday and Tuesday,” he added.

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