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Test Riders Stuck in Jammed Helsinki Roller Coaster

Six people were stranded at a height of 30 metres during a test run of a new roller coaster at the Linnanmäki Amusement Park in Helsinki on Thursday. Rescue workers helped the trapped persons down with the help of a fire truck ladder.

Pelastuslaitos auttaa Linnanmäen uutuslaite Ukkoon jumiutuneet matkustajat pois laitteesta.
Pelastuslaitos auttoi Linnanmäen uutuslaite Ukkoon jumiutuneet matkustajat pois laitteen kyydistä. Image: Markus Sinervä

The Ukko roller coaster is not yet in public service. It jammed during a test run for publicity photos just before midday on Thursday.

Up to 12 persons can ride on the new device. On board at the time were the park’s own test personnel.

Rescue officials say those trapped remained calm during the incident.

The Ukko roller coaster is due to enter public service in just over a week’s time. Linnanmäki amusement park CEO, Risto Räikkönen, has assured the public that all will be in order by then. He speculated that damp and windy weather had affected sensors on the device.

Räikkönen admitted the ride had jammed earlier but promised measures to definitely ensure no repetition of Thursday’s incident.

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