Think tank says Finland should support 'hard Brexit'

Finland should support a 'hard Brexit', according to a report published on Friday by the EVA think tank. Otherwise, says EVA, the European Union could risk incentivising countries to leave.

Brexit symbolikuva.
Britain's vote to leave the EU is forcing other countries to calculate what's in their interests. Image: AOP

Finland should take a hard line in Brexit negotiations, according to a new report from the pro-market think tank EVA. Compromise would, according to EVA, pose risks to EU unity as other countries look for flexibility around the so-called 'four freedoms' of the EU's single market.

Once exceptions become the rule, argues EVA, then the EU will be weakened economically and politically. The think tank says that EU security guarantees are important for Finland, and these would be imperilled by a looser union.

Finland should only support compromise options if it seems clear that they would be a one-off, rather than heralding a new normal in the EU, says EVA.

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