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THL: Flu season hitting peak levels in Finland

This winter's flu season is at its worst in many areas of Finland, according to local health authorities.

Sairastava ihminen makaa sängyllä nenäliinojen, kuumemittarin ja lääkkeiden kanssa.
Image: Eveliina Matikainen / Yle

The number of influenza cases in Finland has increased weekly and has likely hit its peak, according to the country's Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

THL specialist Niina Ikonen said that "many" or "very many" new cases of influenza are being reported in most regions across Finland.

There have been particularly many flu patients in southwestern Finland and in the area around Kemi, on the country's north-western coast, Ikonen said.

Ikonen said that the flu epidemic appears to be reaching its peak, according to news service STT.

"(New) cases have increased every week," she said, adding that most cases have been type-B influenza but cases of type-A have also increased in the past weeks.

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