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Thousands of Euros Raised by Charity Fundraising at Cashpoints

A special charity fundraising campaign has already raised thousands of euros, as cashpoint customers are invited to make a euro donation as they withdraw money from their accounts.

Pankkiautomaatin näyttöruutu.
Image: YLE

Finns are particpating in a novel way to raise funds for charity, with a significant amount of money being raised each day of the campaign. Customers drawing money from cashpoint machines across the country are being asked whether they agree to making a one euro donation to charity.

The money raised is going to Plan International, who will use the money for projects in support of the education, healthcare and safety of girls in the developing world. It is estimated that the campaign is currently raising in excess of two thousand euros per hour, with the majority of customers agreeing to make the requested donation.

The on-screen invitaion to donate has nevertheless come as a surprise to most customers.

"I have to admit that our advance information campaign about this project was not a success," said Jyri Marviala, Development Manager of Automatia Cashpoints, the company responsible for the Otto withdrawal machines. Our advance publicity was due to be released at exactly the same time as the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and then came the news on nuclear safety and the war in Libya. Luckily now people are starting to know about the campaign," he stated.

In cases where customers make a mistake, by agreeing to a donation where this was not their intention, they can contact their bank, in which case the euro will be returned. Until now though, only about one in a thousand customers has asked for the return of their donation.

The current Plan campaign will run until the end of this month, but further charitable campaigns of a similar nature may take place in the future.

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