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Three dead after police car chase near Mäntyharju

Three people have died after a car ploughed into oncoming traffic during a police chase in eastern Finland.

Mäntyharju, about 200 kilometres east of Helsinki, the site of the accident that killed three people Thursday afternoon Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

Three people including a suspected drunk-driver have died following a police chase in eastern Finland.

Police say they were pursuing a suspected drunk driver travelling from Mäntyharju towards Suomenniemi when they lost visual contact with it. The next time they saw the vehicle, it had crashed into oncoming traffic and burst into flames. Two other cars at the scene of the accident were both damaged, according to the police statement.

The suspected drunk driver and two people in one of the other vehicles lost their lives.

The crash occurred on Route 381 near Mäntyharju about three kilometres towards Suomenniemi. Route 381 is closed at the site of the accident. Police on the scene are redirecting traffic to an alternative route.

Mäntyharju is about 200 kilometres east of Helsinki

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