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Three Finns Banned From Entry To Estonia

Three Finnish men have been banned from entering Estonia because of suspected ties to extreme rightist and racist movements.

According to the Estonian daily newspaper Postimees the three men have denied accusations by Estonia's Interior Ministry that they have connections to Nazi organizations.

A prohibition on entry into the country was issued for all three in February by then Interior Minister Kalle Laanet

The basis for the ban includes participation by the three in the activities of extreme rightist and racist organizations in Finland. The men are also accused of endangering the security and public order of the State of Estonia by organizing right-wing events in that country.

One of the three men banned from entering Estonia is a former Finnish policeman, one a student at the University of Tarto in Estonia, and one a businessman.

According to a lawyer for the men, the connection among them is that all three are members of the "Uusi Euroopa" (New Europe) group which organizes parties on Adolph Hitler's birthday at which members dress in Nazi uniforms. The three Finns took part in such an event in Nazi uniform in the city of Tarto last year.

The three have applied to the present Estonian Minister of Interior Jüri Pihl to have the ban lifted. The Estonian Ministry of the Interior says that a decision will be issued within the next few days.

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