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Three Sentenced for Organising Illegal Dogfights

The Forssa District Court has sentenced three men for their roles in organising illegal dogfights last March in southern Finland. One of the men was sentenced to a 60-day unconditional jail term for animal cruelty. The two other men were handed a six-month suspended sentence. The Court also ordered the men to hand over their own dogs to the state, and ruled the men cannot own a dog for five years. Police in Finland were tipped off to the dogfights by the BBC, after one of its reporters secretly filmed the fights last spring in Ypäjä, in southwest Finland. One of the dogs had to be put down due to the severity of its injuries. Several of the other dogs sustained serious injuries as well. Organised dogfights are illegal in most European countries. All three men had denied the charges. Another accused man, who is abroad, did not show up in court. The BBC reporter also uncovered a dog kennel where he bought a dog raised to fight. The owners of the kennel are also facing charges of animal cruelty. YLE

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