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Three shots fired through Finnish-Iraqi couple's front door

The apartment's female occupant said she is certain the alleged attack was racially motivated.

File photo of Finnish police officer. Image: Tiina Jutila / Yle

An unknown person shot three bullets through the front door of a married couple's apartment in the central city of Kangasala on Saturday night, local police have confirmed.

Police in Kangasala are investigating Saturday night's incident as attempted murder, but said they have not determined a motive.

The couple told the paper that two men had come to the apartment and racially harassed the couple two weeks prior to the shooting incident.

The front door of the couple's flat had three bullet holes in it. The woman, who is Finnish, said that the assailants fired three shots at around 1.00am. One of the shots narrowly missed her head.

"There is definitely nothing besides racist motives for it," the apartment's female occupant told Helsingin Sanomat.

The Finnish-Iraqi couple are now lodging at a friend's home. She said she believes the alleged gun attack was prompted by recent allegations of foreigners committing sex abuse crimes in Finland and attributed the apparent attack to recent reporting on suspected sex crimes against minors in Oulu.

"It's quite clear that for example the Oulu cases have stirred up anger. But it's not acceptable to use such heavy weapons to attack innocent people, people who have nothing to do with those events," she told the paper.

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