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Thursday's papers: Kulmuni advisor payout, Covid minority risks, and strawberry price advice

Newspapers look at the optimal way to stock up on strawberries. 

Torimyyjä ja paljon mansikkaa
Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

Iltalehti has obtained papers suggesting that Kari Jääskeläinen, a former special advisor to ex-Finance Minister Katri Kulmuni, is to receive nearly 30,000 euros from the state as compensation for a four month cooling-off period before he starts a new company offering management consultancy services.

The money is paid during the exclusion period to officials leaving government service, if there could be a conflict of interest between their former government role and the new position in the private sector.

To receive it, however, officials need to have secured a job that qualifies. Jääskeläinen had not done so, but instead established a limited company that he said would offer management consultancy services.

Iltalehti reports that was enough to secure the payment of 28,400 euros, which is equivalent to four months' salary in his old role.

Kulmuni resigned after a scandal over payments she had asked the government to make for her media training sessions. She promised to pay the money back, but still resigned as Finance Minister.

Covid and immigrant communities

Helsingin Sanomat's editorial page takes a stand on the question of migrant communities and coronavirus.

There is evidence from across the world that the pandemic has hit ethnic minority groups and low-income people much harder than others.

The paper says authorities have to investigate the link in Finland too, citing an outbreak at an Espoo reception centre and the prevalence of migrants in vulnerable frontline work.

Authorities need to ensure that nobody feels compelled to put themselves at risk to go to work, says HS.

HS also cites the experience of Swedes of Finnish origin, who have had significantly worse outcomes as Finland's western neighbour grapples with the disease.

Strawberry price swings

Ilta-Sanomat is running that staple of the Finnish newspaper summer: strawberry price updates.

The paper says that hot weather saved the start of the season after a cold spring, so strawberry sales started on time.

But a shortage of pickers thanks to pandemic-related travel restrictions is likely to push the price up towards the back end of summer, so it would be prudent to buy now if you're planning to fill your freezer.

IS says that hot weather has an impact on the berries themselves, however: they will be smaller but sweeter, than those that enjoy a cooler growing season.

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