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Thursday's papers: Majority don't hate, €16bn elevator deal murmurs, is summer coming?

Survey finds most people don’t harbour hate, Kone's rumoured interest in Thyssenkrupp's elevator business and warm weather just might be in store.

Lapsia uimarannalla.
Temperatures in Finland are set to rise this weekend. Image: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

Daily Helsingin Sanomat (HS) leads with a slightly tongue-in-cheek editorial entitled 'The Majority of People Don’t Hate Anybody.' Although there is much talk about hate speech these days, according to HS the majority of people living in Finland can’t or don’t want to name any one person who makes them cranky or angry.

"This is good news," writes the paper, citing a survey carried out by communications agency Tekir and research consultants Kantar that interviewed people in Finland about who makes them cross. Respondents were allowed to name three people.

HS says it wasn’t surprising that the list was topped by politicians, especially those who have recently been in the headlines. The most disliked on the list were former PM Juha Sipilä (Centre Party), current prime minister Antti Rinne (Social Democratic Party), and Finns Party leader Jussi Halla-aho.

Kone’s biggest deal ever

Financial newspaper Taloussanomat reports that Finland-based global elevator firm Kone is reportedly considering a 16 billion euro business deal, which according to an analyst would be the most significant deal the firm has ever made.

Taloussanomat writes that German industrial giant Thyssenkrupp is said to be preparing to sell off its elevator business, as was reported earlier in July, and that one of the purchaser candidates is Kone. Kone has not commented on the rumours.

According to Taloussanomat, if Kone does acquire Thyssenkrupp’s elevator business, it would be one of the largest business deals in Finnish business history.

All up to Barry

Tabloid Ilta-Sanomat reports that Hurricane Barry holds the key to what type of weather Finland will have for the rest of the summer: Will warm, sunny weather return or will cooler temperatures prevail?

All of Europe is dependent on Barry, which has raged over the western states in the US and is currently gathering strength in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, the powerful storm is moving through the northern parts of the US towards the Atlantic.

“The hurricane will likely shake up the world’s greater weather picture. Next week may bring weather surprises,” predicts Foreca meteorologist Jenna Salminen in an interview with the tabloid.

Europe may also see another heatwave as the Mediterranean and central Europe are forecast to receive another heatwave with more than 40-degree Celsius temperatures like those the region saw in June.

So, far Finland has not been embraced by the sizzling temperatures this summer, and not long ago it seemed that the small Nordic country would not be affected by the hot temperatures. However, that looks set to change.

“Now it looks as though the heatwave will also stretch into Finland,” Salminen tells the paper, saying it will bring warm, humid weather and thunderstorms.

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