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Thursday's papers: Putin preparations, cheap booze hunt and Pukki's second chance in Britain

The press on Thursday includes stories on the impending Trump-Putin summit, a look at where to find affordable alcohol and a footballer's return to the UK.

Lonkero-pakkauksia pinossa ruokakaupassa.
It's summer, and therefore for many Finns it's time to get the drinks in. Image: Petri Aaltonen / Yle

Finnish media remains excited about the impending summit between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Helsinki, with Helsingin Sanomat publishing no fewer than four articles on preparations for the meeting. 

They include news that Finland is considering extra checks on travellers from the Schengen area around the summit, the relatively chilled attitude of local police (who say it's 'business as usual'), and the story as reported by Yle on Wednesday that there will be at least four protests during the summit. 

In addition, the opening of media accreditation brought the admission from the authorities that Finlandia Hall will be the media centre for the summit, with more than a thousand journalists expected to arrive in the Finnish capital for the occasion. 

Lidl the location for discount drinks

Grills are heating up around Finland as summer gets into full swing, and that means higher spending on drinks. Kauppalehti has a seasonally appropriate price comparison, looking at the cost of a basket of 24 drinks (seven of them non-alcoholic) sold at supermarkets in Finland. 

The business daily checked 55 stores in the comparison, with prices ranging from 55.85 euros to 67.07 euros at the individual stores. The cheapest chain on average was found to be Lidl, while the most expensive was K-Market.

The cheapest individual store was a branch of the Prisma hypermarket, but as Lidl does not vary prices by shop the German chain was still the cheapest overall. 

Fearless Pukki

Teemu Pukki has been part of the Finnish football scene for more than a decade, but he's still only 28 and on Thursday he opens up to Iltalehti about a new chapter in his career at British club Norwich City.

While he's been successful at Danish side Brondby recently and has no need to bounce back (unlike certain other Norwich heroes), he did have a less joyful spell in Britain at Celtic, back in 2013-14 when he failed to establish himself in the Scottish league.

Pukki tells IL that he's very impressed with the Canaries' German coach Daniel Farke, and he's sure this time he'll do better than he did at Celtic. The main reason for that is that he's no longer scared of the physical side of the game, having spent the intervening period in Denmark hitting the back of the net 45 times in 98 games for Brondby.

IL reports that the former Kotkan Työväen Palloilijat forward is currently living in a hotel, but his family will join him after pre-season training camp in Germany is over. He will not have to negotiate a second season, having signed a three year contract with the club. 

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