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Thursday’s papers: Terror and election probes, tricky overnight copter landing, X-C ski trails open in Oulu

As the week winds down, Finnish newspapers present a palette of global, local – and sometimes 'glocal' news, from social media propaganda to a practice emergency landing of a helicopter on the deck of a passenger ferry between Estonia and Finland.

Hirvi ylitti nelostien marraskuun lauantaiaamuna Puuppolassa.
Moose on the loose: Elk were involved in two crashes near Oulu, northern Finland. Image: Virpi Kotilainen / Yle

Many Finnish newspaper websites on Thursday morning carry news of the latest Yle political party poll, which shows the traditional "Big 3" parties – the National Coalition, the Centre and the SDP – regaining strength while the Finns Party and Greens have slumped. Early editions of the print media feature an array of stories, from the global to the local.

For instance the south-western daily Turun Sanomat reports on the latest developments in US investigations into the New York terror attack – with a second Uzbek man now wanted for questioning – and suspected Russian meddling in last year's presidential election as well as the status of Burma's Rohingya minority, who are finally getting a visit from de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The Nobel Peace laureate has been criticised for her ambivalent reaction to the humanitarian crisis in the region.

On the local scene, TS covers Rauma firefighters' overnight rescue of a woman, a man and a dog from a smoke-filled flat, last night's sport results and an exhibition of graphics by Sirpa Särkijärvi at a Turku art gallery.

AL: Imaginary flights and a sewer overhaul

In the largest inland city, Tampere, daily Aamulehti reports on next summer's closure of the local Tampere-Pirkkala airport for renovations. The facility is to shut from 17 July to 12 August. What's odd is that while flag carrier Finnair is not selling any tickets for flights in or out of Tampere during that period, international competitors Ryanair and Air Baltic still are – in fact some of their apparently imaginary flights are nearly fully-booked.

Another renovation closer at hand may make travel around Tampere more complicated for motorists beginning next week. Car traffic will be banned on some streets south of the central thoroughfares Sammonkatu and Kaupinkatu due to an overhaul of the sewage system. In other local transport news, Tampere Mayor Lauri Lyly is pushing the idea of a new tram track linking the city centre with the northern suburb of Ylöjärvi.

On the foreign front, AL too leads off with the US terror and election investigations, including reports that Russian state actors also used Instagram to try to influence American voters – while its parent company Facebook announces record profits.

Also covered are the resignation of British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and the latest revelations in the probe into the mysterious death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

Kaleva: Tricky copter landing, elk crashes and ski trails

Further north in Oulu, Kaleva also reports on American investigations, this time including one into US Navy ship collisions in recent months, as well as Burma and the overnight practice landing of a helicopter on the deck of a passenger ferry steaming from Tallinn to Helsinki. The rehearsal, involving the Finnish Defence Forces, Coast Guard and police, went off without a hitch, according to a police tweet. Passengers aboard the m/s Finlandia were warned of the exercise in advance in several languages. 

Kaleva also reports on several road crashes, including a head-on collision with a lorry that left the solitary male driver of a car dead in Kajaani, eastern Finland, early Thursday. The driver of the truck was unhurt. Closer to home, there was also a crash involving a stolen Volvo in Oulu’s Maikkula district and elk crashes in nearby Muhos and Ii.

On a lighter note, local ice hockey team Kärpät defeated Vaasa’s Sport in a dramatic 4-3 game and the first snowfall means that some Oulu cross-country ski trails will likely open to the most eager skiers this weekend.

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