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Tired of filling out job applications? A bot could help you find work

Around 20 Finnish companies are using a web-based programme that unites jobseekers and employers.

Rekrybotti (roughly Recruit-Bot) application used on smartphone. Image: Toni Pitkänen / Yle

Many jobseekers in Finland find themselves frustrated with filling out multiple job applications only to hear nothing back. Rekrybotti (roughly Recruit-Bot) is a new web-based program that chats with prospective applicants for a job, examines their skills and determines if they are a right fit for the role.

“You don't have to spend hours trying to update your CV and application. Even if you're in a bus, you can leave your contact details through the bot in a few minutes,” said HR Manager Jenna Kokkonen from Ropo Capital, which began using the bot for recruitment help this spring.

The bot asks applicants a series of simple questions about their background and work experience, prompts them to click on options that best describe themselves and takes down their contact details. The entire process can take less than a minute, Kokkonen said.

New application of bot tech

However, the bot only breaks the ice. Kokkonen said that the bot sends her a notification after every chat and if a candidate seems interesting, she springs to action. Ropo Capital's first IT employee hired with the help of the bot will commence work in a few weeks.

While pop-up chatbots are already widespread in customer service applications, using bots for recruitments is a fairly new game. The first bots specifically dedicated to recruitment were introduced in Finland late last year.

"This is a very interesting trend in the recruitment industry and it is not so much because it is about robotics and bots, but because they make it easier to find a job in many ways,” said Santtu Kottila, Marketing Director at Leadoo, the marketing technology company which brought the recruitment bot to market last year.

Kottila said that while bots may not differ too much from regular recruitment platforms when you look at the bigger picture, they initiate a dialogue and create an interactive environment for the candidate and therein, lies their novelty.

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