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Top stories of 2016

This year our most popular online stories covered everything from driverless buses to violent crime. These are the ten most-read Yle News stories of 2016.

Lordiers of Odin -ryhmä esitti lopuksi laulun aamu-tv:n studiossa.
Best medicine: the clown group Loldiers of Odin made headlines in 2016 for spoofing anti-immigrant posses; as did Riikka Yrttiaho's trademarking protest scheme. Image: Yle

The Finnish news year saw a range of stories from migration to violent crime to technological innovation. Our most-read story this year was a run-through of the Helsinki public transport authority’s pilot of driverless vehicles. The buses aren't yet in use, so there may be more to come on this one in 2017!

Also popular was a story about Finland's "First Dog". A dog is a man's best friend, goes the saying, and that applies to the president, too. When Sauli Niinistö received a gift hamper of Christmas products, he brought boisterous Lennu along too — and he won the hearts of the nation.

Darker stories also attracted readers. In July five members of Cuba's volleyball team were detained by police after a gang rape at a hotel in Tampere, making headlines across the world. They were later convicted and jailed for the crime.

Soldiers of Odin burst onto the scene in the last 18 months with their far-right linked anti immigration street patrols. The group aroused strong opposition, and one woman trademarked their name for anti-racist purposes — bringing plaudits and brickbats online.

Here's the full list:

1. Helsinki rolls out driverless bus pilot

2. Finland's first dog steals show at holiday gift ceremony

3. Members of Cuba's volleyball team detained on rape suspicions

4. Woman trademarks Soliders of Odin name for unicorn-themed clothing in anti-racism protest

5. Justin Trudeau's African – and Finnish – adventures

6. Findians – the story of Finns' distant cousins

7. Three dead in Imatra shooting

8. A vision of twin cities – study moves ahead on Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel

9. President Niinistö: Migrants pose challenge to western values

10. Finland flies 103 former asylum seekers to Iraq

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