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Tough Pace of Life Worries Finns

Nine out of ten Finns feel stress and the hard pace at work can lead to premature burn-out. This is the conclusion of the latest report on attitudes and values carried out by the Finnish Business and Policy Forum-EVA.

Many people feel strained relations between workers and management can cause burn-out. In addition, some workers feared redundancies and felt they had no influence in the work place.

This could be why, the survey shows, that Finns also want to retire as soon as possible. Reforms aimed at keeping people on at work meet with little enthusiasm.

Despite trouble in the workplace, many Finns still consider themselves to be relatively content with life. They cite factors such as good relationships, a clean bill of health and secure income as reasons for happiness.

The survey on attitudes and values also showed people to be cautious towards immigrants and foreign influences.

The current state of equality between the sexes also gets low marks with many complaining about a glass ceiling at work. The first EVA report twenty years ago found that Finns were concerned about the environment. Now, the emphasis was on climate change.


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