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Tourist group robbery in Turku harbour

A group of Asian tourists was the subject of a violent robbery at the Turku port Friday morning. A lone thief made off with 8,000 euros in cash, forcefully taken from the tour guide leading the group.

Image: Risto Koskinen / Yle

The leader of a group of Asian tourists was accosted on their tour bus Friday morning in the Turku harbour, when a robber entered the bus and violently forced the leader to hand over a bag. The bag contained approximately 8,000 euros in cash.

The police say the robbery occurred in the terminal’s parking area after eight in the morning.

The assailant fled the scene of the crime in an accomplice’s grey Volvo SUV. The principal victim described the perpetrator as also having the appearance of being Asian.

The police have still not tracked down the robber.

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